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Since 1989 Eric Cadesky has been composing music for film, television series, documentaries, theatre, the concert stage and experimental projects. His scores have been nominated for multiple awards. His approach to music composition blends both traditional and non-traditional elements centering on the idea that all sounds can be used to tell the story, so long as they support the vision of the project. To this end, he has even designed and built custom musical instruments tailored to specific projects that create a truly one-of-a-kind sound world.

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For more than 40 years Eric Cadesky has been composing music for ballet and modern dance creating more than 75 works. He has worked with the National Ballet of Canada, Ballet BC, Lyon Opera Ballet, Mannheim Ballet, Chimera Dance Theatre and Pro Arte Danza, as well as many of Canada's most gifted independent choreographers. For eight years Cadesky was Composer-In-Residence for Desrosiers Dance Theatre, often performing live locally and on tour with a band assembled for those shows.

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